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Pfeiffer Thie Lawyers and Mediators is a low-threshold law firm with a proactive no-nonsense attitude.

Whether you get into a collision, get a divorce, your debtors don’t pay you or you get a bailiff on the doorstep yourself; everyone needs legal assistance from time to time. You do not always pay attorney fees per hour. In personal injury cases you often pay nothing at all. With a low income and capital you often only pay part of the costs of the lawyer.


  • Personal injury and death damage
  • No high costs for you!
  • Legal assistance insurance not necessary

If you have an injury and want to have the resulting damage compensated, the other person must be liable for that injury. The other person is usually insured for such damage. The attorney’s fees you incur in order to determine the liability and the damage must (if reasonable) be reimbursed by the liable party as soon as his liability is established. In that case, the assistance of a lawyer will cost you (almost) nothing. READ MORE


  • Risc analysis
  • Exclusion of private liability
  • Avoid high costs

Entrepreneurship involves risks. Any entrepreneur can be confronted with a situation in which his liquidity or solvency is under pressure. Debtors do not pay or go bankrupt, shareholders can get into conflicting interests that they cannot resolve, causing decision-making processes to stagnate. READ MORE


  • Trustee or administrator
  • Debt restructuring
  • Admission to the WSNP

If you or your company is “in a state of having ceased to pay,” the Court may, at your or a creditor’s request, declare bankruptcy. This situation is (in any case) accepted by the Court if at least two creditors are left unpaid. The creditor with whom payment agreements have been made that are also fulfilled will in principle not be left unpaid. READ MORE


  • Terms and Conditions
  • Contract versus ownership
  • Default

Contracts are often not concluded by lawyers. It is therefore not uncommon for the contract that you thought you concluded to be a different contract than you thought. The party you thought you were doing business with turned out to be different. “Suddenly” terms and conditions may apply that you never wanted to agree to. Or your own general terms and conditions do not appear to apply. In addition, there appear to be matters about which no agreements have been made that subsequently prove to be of great importance. Or matters on which agreements have been made become so restrictive for you due to changing circumstances that the contract must be adjusted. It often turns out that you have more or less rights than you thought. READ MORE


  • Summons
  • Court or Subdistrict Court
  • Execution of the sentence

Often, debtors only pay after the payment term. Sometimes debtors only pay after they have racked up all the time they can and you have heard every conceivable excuse out there. And sometimes they still don’t pay. Then the only remaining option is a procedure. When drafting the summons, all formalities of the Act must then be observed. Is the debtor actually in default? Which subdistrict court or judge has jurisdiction? READ MORE


  • Divorce
  • Alimony
  • Children

If something changes in your private situation, you will often have to deal with personal and family law. You can think of a divorce or termination of a registered partnership. In addition to the necessary emotions that such changes entail for you and the other, you are therefore also confronted with the (often far-reaching) consequences that personal and family law attaches to this. READ MORE


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